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Created by Human was founded by two friends with similar interests, who over time, have become more like brothers. It was the year 2010 when Travis Groo and Todd Stevens connected in a very unusual way. Travis was an artist manager, and Todd was running a recording studio. Todd was getting ready to launch an independent record label in which he was interested in signing one of the artists that Travis was working with. Through the signing process, the two hit it off, and so they decided to launch Autumn + Colour Records as business partners. They headed to SXSW in Austin, TX to kick off the label, and they’ve been working together on various projects since that time. The label was ever-evolving and constantly changing out of necessity from the innovative music industry.

After iTunes Music launched, they knew it was time to go a different direction. It was a completely different game after that. They began just distributing music digitally and printing merchandise and apparel for artists and small businesses. Today they are solely focused on screen printing, designing, and distributing merchandise. They have been through many stages of business and have stood the test of time. Created by Human has become what it is today because of the hard work and dedication of two friends who have always believed that anything is possible.