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With the understanding that a human is not the sum of what he or she has, but instead the sum of what is not yet had, of what could potentially be.  It became evident that something needed to be done.  A spark was ignited, a desire to reach into the human psyche to understand the depths of the commotion.  What began as a seeking ember quickly transformed into something much larger.

The mind has fast limitations, whereas the human heart extends beyond borders – a heart can bend, and therefore shall never be completely broken.  By grasping the pandemonium of intellect and unifying it with the litheness of the heart, something faint began to emerge.  A form, a shadow, a withered recollection of a dream long forgotten; this became our reality.

As the mind seeks to feed upon knowledge and the heart looks for passion, it is the soul of a human which truly has the power.  There is nothing like a soul on fire to persuade attitude, transform sentiment, and alter the path of all those who are touched by its flames.

That is where it all began.  We are a fragment of the whole, no better than or inferior to any other shards making up this enigma called life.  We are all subject to the human condition, and we felt compelled to establish an outpost, a garrison where the minds and hearts and souls of all could converge into a chaotic frenzy of ingenuity and anticipation and possibility, to heal the hate, anger, and pain felt by all.

We hope you feel like you know about us now.  Our responsibility is much greater than we might have supposed, because it involves all mankind.  We Are Human.