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Brand Management

Created by Human offers order fulfillment, warehousing, product distribution, and customer support to clients throughout North and South America. We focus on process, technology and customer service, our customers can focus on their business rather than worrying about shipping products, managing inventory, customer inquiries, or reordering low stock products.


Retail Development

Webstore Management

Same Day Ship Programs

Bulk Mailings

Low Stock Reporting

Forecast Inventory Reorder Projection Reports

Literature Fulfillment

Handle all Customer Service

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Quality Control and Insurance

Repackaging / Relabeling

Pack-In Service (i.e. Stickers, Flyers, Etc.)

Handle Inventory Reorders

In-House Screen Printing

In-House Embroidery

In-House Sublimation

In-House Cut & Sew Services